About the Kolibri Improvement Proposals category

The Kolibri Improvement Proposals forum is a place to submit, consider, and discuss gov proposals for the Kolibri Protocol.


This sort of proposal system has been used to great effect by other projects (like Django, Debian, Curve Finance, and countless others), and should work well for Kolibri as well.

It’s generally very useful (and effective) to drive consensus off-chain about changes, refining them, and having proposals

Not all KIPs need to be gov proposals that end up on-chain - they can outline various other changes (e.g. adding or removing a specific mod to the Kolibri Discord).


To propose a new KIP, you should create a new topic under the Kolibri Improvement Proposals category, using the next sequential number that is free.

Once your proposal is written and ready for feedback, you can post in the Kolibri Discord or tweet about it using the #kolibri hashtag or mentioning the @KolibriDAO account).


Once things have had deliberation period of at least 3 days, the PR will be merged, which should coincide with whatever actions need to be carried out (a proposal being submitted to the DAO - linking to the proposal, or any other things necessary by whomever can do it).