Allocate $10k in kDAO for Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022


Tezos Ukraine organizes Tezos DeFi Hackathon 2022 and asks the Kolibri community for $10k in kDAO for a prize for the best solution to the Kolibri challenge. As a result, Kolibri will receive a new helpful product in its ecosystem, and Tezos will receive new developers and DeFi projects.

Why we are asking you for $10k

Hello! My name is Pavel, I am from Tezos Ukraine. In February 2022, we will be hosting a DeFi hackathon for blockchain developers from Eastern Europe. We’ve partnered with 12 largest Tezos DeFi projects, such as QuipuSwap, Plenty, Crunchy, and others. Their teams gave us challenges and prizes, and at the moment, the total prize fund of the hackathon is $120,000.

We will try to attract as many bright minds as possible to Tezos. Participants will only solve partner challenges. This is a forced step so that teams have no incentive to duplicate existing projects on Tezos. We expect to attract 40 teams (more than 400 participants), some of which should stay and develop products on Tezos.

We’d like to request funds for the prize using the Kolibri Governance Portal, because this is how it should be in the crypto community.

We are asking for $10k in kDAO. These tokens will be a prize for the team that will provide the best solution to the Kolibri challenge.

So, what do you think about it?


Super in favor of this!

Definitely excited about this!

New innovations in the space are something that will help grow the ecosystem, which raises all boats. Glad to hear other teams are involved as well.

Participants will only solve partner challenges.

I believe we submitted a challenge of building alternative interfaces to the Kolibri protocol - resilience is a huge part of ensuring longevity and having folks like Galleon wallet and MyTezosDefi go a long way towards improving resilience.

Folks building similar cool things in that vein would be great, so what are the community’s thoughts around that? We submitted this as an idea, but if community will is against it I’m sure we can change it (the hackathon is in Feb AFAIK).

Also, huge thanks to @Skoroplyas + the whole Tezos Ukraine team for putting this together! True champions of the space :slight_smile:

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Hi! Amazing idea in general, def in favor
But we have to work out some details
First IMO we should not give $10k worth of kDAO and instead split it between bigger part in kUSD and a small bonus in kDAO, let’s decide the proportion, 90-10 or 80-20 is what I think is good
Secondly the tasks, I believe we should go with a few if we can so the teams can decide which one they tend to like the most.
We definitely need an alternative UI for the protocol, it’d be nice if someone could come up with a task about governance/DAO

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I believe (@Skoroplyas, CMIIW) that the hackathon wants to focus on one challenge per project.

That said, an alternative front end (or more user friendly governance proposal flows) would probably fit into the existing submission. Not sure what you had in mind specifically @Basil.

yeah if it has to be one challenge per project, an alternative UI’s definitely a good one