Grant for BongoCats - Altrenative Kolibri UI

Welcome to Kolibri Alternative User Interface

Here you can find all information about the new Kolibri front-end created by the BongoCats team.

Who we are?

BongoCats - a team of two young front-end developers from Ukraine who started their programming trip in Tezos Ukraine. Meet Alexandr Petrenko and Alexey Altyntsev. We are ambitious, flexible, curious, and ready for new challenges.

What we have done?

Live Demo Kolibri by BongoCats

New Design:

Our main idea was to create something new and at the same time all-too-familiar. Here you can view both desktop and mobile versions.

Light/Dark mode:

We have implemented two themes for our product. Now, you can choose between light and dark mode. This is very useful when the sun goes down, as it reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

This is how it looks like:


Internationalization provides an opportunity to make the Kolibri more worldwide and user-oriented. At the moment we’ve implemented EN and UA options.

Push Notifications:

Sometimes you need to make a transaction, but Oracle last updated more than 30 minutes ago. In this case, you are stuck. Well, our idea is that you don’t need to monitor the website, just tick the bell and leave it open. As result, when Oracle update the price, you’ll get such browser notification:

Screenshot 2022-03-27 at 14 57 32

What are we going to implement?

More Notifications

Notifications are useful for being up-to-date with Kolibri. We also want to implement notifications for changes in kUSD price and critical changes in your ovens. Also, we think about mail notifications implementation.

Technology stack:

Front-end: ReactJS

Styling: SASS

Blockchain libs: Taquito, QuipuSwap SDK, Kolibri.JS


Unfortunately, due to the situation in our country, we don’t know how everything will turn out. Thus we came to the next decision:

We would like to request a 5000 USD grant for an existing product version.
This version can be hosted and we can maintain it. Also, we are aware of new bugs/errors that may occur in the future and we are ready to solve them and keep our product up-to-date. Of course, after we deploy our website, we would like to receive feedback and some ideas from you.

In case you have some questions at the moment, let’s discuss them right now before we deploy :slight_smile:

Get in touch:



  • Alexandr Petrenko: @AlexandrPetrenkoFe
  • Alexey Altyntsev: @altyntsev


  • Alexandr Petrenko: Kaizer#5829
  • Alexey Altyntsev: Alik#5272
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