KIP 004 - Establish Social Media Presence

Chas Smith




Establish a community social media presence and rules governing its use.


To spread awareness of and information relating to the Kolibri DAO.


This proposal will establish a community Twitter account @KolibriDAO

It will also create a new channel in the Discord for social media.

The mission is to represent the community by providing pertinent and relevant information relating to Kolibri.

All posts will be submitted for community review in the social media channel at least an hour before being sent.

Although the community will provide feedback, mods have the final say in what is sent.

A social media czar (one of the mods) will approve all posts before being sent. The social media czar can delegate this authority to others.

Social media will not be used to promote anything besides Kolibri.

Social media will not pick sides in governance proposals.

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