Kolibri Gov Portal and IPFS!

Hey all, just a quick update WRT the Kolibri governance portal - I spent some time yesterday getting things deployable (and pinnable) onto IPFS in a continuous manner! :tada:


Much like how Kolibri is a decentralized protcol, IPFS is a decentralized and peer-to-peer system for hosting and serving files in a way that’s distributed and censorship resistant. We’ve already done work to hook up custom nodes to the kolibri governance frontend, so with this update you as an individual have the ability to run your own tezos node and your own IPFS node, and have access to the Kolibri governance portal without any involvement from central parties.

That’s true freedom! :slight_smile:


Previously we were deploying things in an ad-hoc way (read: I was doing it manually lol), but with CI/CD as soon as there’s a change to the frontend things will get posted to IPFS and the IPNS record updated automatically! The frontends were usually at least a few commits out of step, and the previous way was very manual.

Origin policy/security

We’ve also put in the proper DNS records to have the gov portal resolved directly within the IPFS ecosystem - https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipns/governance.kolibri.finance/, though we do not recommend using it this way!.

By having https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ be the origin, any other IPFS sites you’ve previously interacted with would be considered the “same server” by your web-browser. This can cause security issues if you interact with multiple dapps using the same web wallet (and allow one dapp to impersonate another’s requests!).

Different Gateways

The recommended way to access things is with any gateways listed on the public IPFS gateway checker, as long as they have a green heart next to them (which indicates they support proper origin security).


The IPNS address of the gov portal is


Therefore the new (and recommended) way to access this portal should be with the following links:

Since we leverage IPNS, you can safely bookmark the page and use that exclusively if you prefer - it can only be updated by the CI/CD system.

If you open the options cog in the bottom right, you can find links to this data in the frontend itself as well!

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This has been deployed to https://kolibri.finance/ as well!

IPFS link:


dWeb gateway link

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