Kolibri International Efforts

As of today, all Kolibri tools/docs/proposals/etc are in English, because that’s what our (Hover Labs) native tongue is. In order for Kolibri to have as broad appeal as possible, I think that efforts should be made to internationalize the entire protocol (tools/docs/etc), allowing non-english speakers understand, interact with, and help build the protocol.

Possibly the most important thing when building a DAO is a diversity of ideas, and while I believe we’re in a good spot to facilitate discussions around protocol features, upgrades, and ideas from a broad audience already I think we can do better.

Tezos is, at it’s core, a multi-national cryptocurrency. It’s no more right to say that it is “a french creation” as it is to say it’s “an American creation” because of the incredibly diverse set of people who work on the protocol or ecosystem. The broad range of (amazing and positive) people I’ve interacted with thus far has been one of the most surprising things about the ecosystem that I’ve encountered, but I think without supporting other languages isolating a good chunk of other amazing people from participating in protocol, the DAO, and the discussions here.

In that vein I propose that we pick a single language/region to attempt to support wholly as a first class citizen within the Kolibri ecosystem. The idea would be to build out a generic outreach package that can be utilized to expand efforts from there. This would involve setting up a translation pipeline for things like documentation and the website (and some eng work to make it usable), and would also call for bilingual representatives who could help represent Kolibri on twitter/discord/etc.

I also think that instead of asking folks to volunteer their time for this, that these could be roles that come with a stipend as part of the experiment.

I’d love feedback on the idea, and if this sounds intriguing to anyone who would be interested in helping kick things off let’s chat!