Open Sourcing the Kolibri Core Contracts

Hover Labs has open sourced the Kolibri Core Contracts on our GitHub.

The core contracts are the set of contracts that compromised the original Kolibri Protocol, deployed on February 17, 2021. These contracts include the Developer Fund, Minter, Oracle, Oven Factory, Oven Proxy, Oven Registry, Oven, Stability Fund and kUSD Token Contract. The repository also contains the complete suite of unit and end to end tests we use to validate protocol behavior.

These contracts join the Liquidity Pool and the DAO & Governance Contracts as being fully open sourced. At this time, all deployed code in the Kolibri Protocol is available for users to inspect, build on and modify.

Having open source contracts allows our decentralized governance process to iterate on protocol functionality through contract upgrades (rather than just adjusting economic parameters). Hover Labs hopes to discuss some of the first behavioral upgrades with the community shortly. We also hope that the protocol will be able to fund external contributions of features to the protocol through the in protocol Developer Fund.

We’re also hard at work on releasing documentation for these contracts so that the path towards protocol contributions is as easy as possible for developers. In the meantime, developers should not hesitate to reach out to us on this post, or on the new #smart-contract-development channel on our Discord for queries. Watch this space for updates!

Lastly, we are continuing to work on open sourcing more of our tooling, so that all developers can have the smoothest experience developing on Kolibri, and so that interested users can host their own front ends for our products. If you’re a developer who is interested in building tooling or front ends for Kolibri, please feel free to reach out on our our Discord or email.