Resurrection of Kolibri Project

Resurrection of Kolibri Project

Hi Kolibri family! I’m Astrael, a heavy Kolibri user (I like having lots of ovens). Given the potential of Kolibri, I was thinking about taking the lead to steer us towards a brighter future, leveraging a development fund to resurrect Kolibri in terms of socials and marketing activities (and not only).

Below there is a brief description of the proposal. Please let us know what do you think about it, we cannot do this without a community and assistance from current Kolibri team but I think that it’s worth to try to bring some life to Tezos ecosystem and our project can be the one leading the way.


The Tezos ecosystem is facing a liquidity challenge, a gap that Kolibri can help fill. Together with a small, dedicated team, our mission is to resurrect Kolibri, boosting social presence and developing it further to significantly increase TVL. Why is this important? In the crypto realm, TVL is a critical metric for assessing blockchain vitality. As Tezos currently shows lower TVL, it’s crucial we elevate our standing to reflect our true potential, especially with market indicators suggesting an upcoming bull market. Our goal is to reposition Kolibri as a vibrant, foundational DeFi platform within Tezos, known for its innovation, community engagement, and stability

Resurrection phase (3 months)

Our three-month initiative aims at reigniting community engagement, enhancing marketing efforts, and laying the operational groundwork for Kolibri’s future.

We are seeking $6,000 kUSD (in total) from the development fund to finance these critical early-stage activities, with a vision to propose further development-focused funding upon successful completion of this phase. This initial phase is crucial for setting the stage for future technical development and expansion.

Over the period of 3 months we want to initiate a series of community engagement activities, including Zealy campaign, contests, and regular updates, to rebuild trust and enthusiasm around Kolibri. We want to resurrect Kolibri’s X account, get a blue mark and post on a daily basis to expand across Tezos ecosystem (increase number of users and TVL) while working on Kolibri’s brother - Phoenix.

X and Discord Activity

We will buy a blue mark and post on a daily basis. Sharing passwords to strangers is very risky that is why we propose to do it without revealing it via KeePass or other software so the previous team members could still be in charge during this 3 months time while we build trust within the community. We want to prove that it is possible to do a real web3 decentralized project. We will be active on Discord as well.

Zealy Marketing Campaign with kUSD Rewards

To increase community engagement we will introduce Zealy marketing campaign with rewards coming from dev funds. First campaign will take place during the first 3 months and we want to lead the discussion regarding the rewards which should be paid to the winners through a separate DAO proposal (we will propose the plan). Zealy tasks will include playing with Tezos DeFi (creating an oven, trading kUSD), sharing social posts related to Kolibri/Tezos and other various activities.

Phoenix DAO - Kolibri’s Younger Brother

While we resurrect Kolibri in terms of social activity we want to also work on a whitepaper proposal for a new project. To not mess with the current Kolibri structure which we know works and was battle tested we propose creating a complementary project, beneficial to the Kolibri ecosystem. Phoenix will be a kolibri-alike system dedicated only to Tezos tokens. This is our wider plan of how to increase Tezos TVL and liquidity. Every other blockchain creates new assets within the ecosystem and Tezos needs to do that as well. We want to release millions of liquidity from the best Tezos tokens so people could put it into a new kind of ovens and use it as collateral in order to borrow pUSD - a new soft pegged stable coin similar to kUSD. To keep things separate and not influence the current Kolibri status we will propose a pDAO governance token, similar to kDAO, with substantial token allocation to current kDAO holders (in the form of an airdrop or staking pool).

Post-Three Months Outlook

Kolibri DAO

We will know if there is still interest and extra liquidity in Tezos. We’re gonna get results from Zealy campaign and by keeping socials active we should increase our user base to see if our actions helped Kolibri. If the community will approve what we are doing we can lead the way further.

Phoenix DAO

Although our main focus will be resurrecting Kolibri we will also provide a first version of Phoenix DAO whitepaper which afterwards should be challenged by the community. After whitepaper updates we want to onboard Tezos developer(s) so we could get exact estimates in terms of project development and seek for extra funding. During first stage we don’t have to bear development costs since Kolibri is quite established project that is we want to focus on marketing activites. Onboarding developer(s) later on is crucial because eventually we want to take care over two protocols - Kolibri and Phoenix.
Eventually we will be able to utilise the power of both products to increase TVL of the whole ecosystem (kUSD/pUSD pool included). We will be also looking for partners within the Tezos ecosystem who would like to be involved in Phoenix DAO development.

Team and Commitment

Our small but dedicated team is committed to laying a strong foundation for Kolibri. We know how to do marketing and business development, we are also quite good at designing new products but we do not code so this phase will also involve scouting for technical talent to support future development efforts. Sadly currently money is not on Tezos so on a daily basis we work for a different crypto project but if we succeed with Kolibri we would love to switch jobs to become full-time Kolibrians.


With your backing, we can set Kolibri on a path to renewed success and future growth. Upon successful completion of this phase, we plan to propose additional funding for subsequent development efforts, furthering our commitment to Kolibri’s long-term vision as mentioned before. We request for a grant of $6,000 kUSD which will cover our activities over the period of 3 months. There will be 3 people working part time on a project (marketing/social media + business development/product + graphic designer). We believe in Kolibri’s potential and are committed to its success and we reckon that it’s better to have 3 people working part time on a project than none. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey to take Kolibri to new heights. Let us know what do you think and how we can improve from very beginning.