Signal Request: Change farm rewards to taper off instead of end abruptly

I believe that the farm incentives are a big part of the Kolibri peg right now. I think it would be in the best interests of the protocol to gradually lower the kDAO emission instead of ending it all at once.

My rationale is this will mitigate some shock to liquidity when people unwind their farming positions. Changing it earlier will provide ample time for anyone affected by the changes to plan accordingly, along with sending a signal that the protocol is actively working on peg.

  • Change rewards to taper off
  • Do not change rewards

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This is a pretty cool idea. We could also change the farms to taper the same amount of rewards over a longer time (extending the farm’s life), or simply reclaim some amount of kDAO from the farms into the Community Fund and have them expire at the same time.

These changes would need to be done through the DAO, and can’t be queued in advance so we’d need to get a vote to pass each time we wanted to taper. We could write a contract that self tapers, but that feels harder than it is worth, and isn’t supported by the currently deployed contracts.

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