Tutorial: Submitting a proposal using the interactive lambda tool

This is a WIP - i will update with photos once the governance cycle is done and lambda creator is back.

  1. Go to https://governance.kolibri.finance/ and use the drop-down menus to find the relevant change you want to make.

  2. Input the title of the proposal - this should match the title of the proposal in the Governance section of the Kolibri Discussion Forum (you did post the proposal there too, right?)

  3. Upload the raw proposal text and input the link. You can get the raw post from the governance forum using https://discuss.kolibri.finance/raw/POST_NUMBER
    For example, to get this post you would use https://discuss.kolibri.finance/raw/97
    You can use any appropriate service that you like to host the proposal text. Good options are Github GIST (https://gist.github.com) or IPFS.
    Preview the link by clicking the “preview” button that appears above the link when it is input.

  4. Click SUBMIT and confirm with your wallet!